Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Growing Like a Weed

It seems that just after, or maybe during, Thanksgiving, Debra grew several inches. I noticed her skirts were too short and I bought about 5 yards of a very dark stretch denim while in Hancocks right at the beginning of December, pre-washed it and then... it went into stash. I did nothing about her too short skirts until last week, when I finally decided that enough was enough and forced myself to make a pattern, cut out the fabric and get busy sewing. 

With 5 yards of denim, I had enough to cut out 4 A-line skirts and 2 tiered skirts. I've been playing around with a top-stitching thread (that I've had for a couple of years and never used) on the sideseams. My first attempt met with some really pretty stitching on the right side but the wrong side was a mess. My tension was so far off - I know that Debra would have refused to wear any of these skirts.

Corrected tension? 6.0
Stitch length? 3.5 mm 

I'm finally finished with the top-stitching on the A-line skirts; I've changed thread and needles and am about to work on the waistbands. They will be elastic - I feel that allows for a bit more comfort and growth with a child that seems to grow almost overnight.

Time to sew!

Family photo:

Rachael and Debra being silly. Debra's dress was made by me but not blogged about.