Thursday, March 14, 2013

Starting Spring/Summer Sewing

First things first. I'm not happy that Google Reader is shutting down in July. I've signed up for Feedly - I'm going to give them a try for a little while and see if I like them. I liked Reader....

Before I show y'all the sewing that I've been doing (nothing for me though), let me play catch-up with my knitting.

First, a scarf for Rachael. I had a skein of mystery yarn that I originally bought for Rachael when she was learning to knit and of course, with as busy as she is (my Social Butterfly) it was never used. I ended up calling the store that I bought it from to see if they kept records of transactions. They do! Yay, they were able to tell me what yarn and from there I used Ravelry to figure out the yardage and such.

The Details:
Oh, Brioche by Annie Riley knit with Punta Yarns Merisoft Hand-Painted Aran. I used the entire skein of 197 yards with just inches leftover. Another stash yarn bites the dust!

My Ravelry project page, Oh Brioche.

The next project was something, finally, for me! I've been coveting a pair of fingerless mitts for a while. The pattern, Spatterdash Wristwarmers has been in my queue since the pattern was first published in Fall of 2011. I'm amazed that I knit these.

I tried to get a bit artsy-fartsy with the picture - I think it would have looked better with a white column. Unfortunately, there are no white columns to be found around my house.

The Details:
-50 grams of Lorna's Laces in Whisper on size 1 (2.25mm) needles. This yarn has been in stash for four years.
-28 3/8" buttons from stash. Hard to believe that I had 28 buttons in Stash that matched but my mom went into a fabric store in Houston 15 years ago and practically bought out the button section and sent them to me. That was back when I was doing a lot of smocking for Hannah.
-size medium

I've got a scarf finished but it needs a lining before I'm willing to show it off. I have some minky leftover from a project that I made 4 years ago and lining the scarf will use up a little bit of it.


Are you still with me?

Right now, I'm dipping my toes in Spring & Summer sewing for Debra. I'm anticipating a growth spurt in June for her and wanted to get a few things made up now before we end up with dresses and skirts that are too tight and too short.

This dress/shrug combo was made using fabric that I had leftover from one of Rachael's outfits from last August.

The wildly popular ruffle fabric (cut with the ruffles going down), a cream and pink stripe and machine embroidered lace. The fabrics were bought at Hancock's in Houston one day while Rachael and I were waiting for Hannah to get out of driver's ed class. The shirt and the skirt were both self-drafted.

I had just barely enough leftover of the stripe to make Debra the new Skater Dress by Kitschy Koo. I follow Amanda (I hope I can call her Amanda!) on Instagram and could not wait to get the pattern after seeing previews of the dress and seeing the other dresses that were made by testers. The shrug is a plain shrug pattern that I had in stash (I can't be bothered to go find it).

I did make a few modifications to the pattern. The sleeves are 3/4 length, and while I made a 3-4 year old size, it had a 5-6 year old length. I'm pretty sure that she's happy with this outfit since she insisted on wearing it to church Friday night and again to church last night.

I have another dress for Debra almost completed. I went into Hancock's thinking that I would buy a couple of patterns and some denim for skirts and I came out with those but also a very sweet gingham seersucker in turquoise with cupcakes embroidered allover and the coordinating gingham seersucker without the embroidery.

The dress (McCall's 5615) is finished but there are a few more details that I want to add before sharing.

Later gator...


JuliN said...

The shell pattern on the wristwarmers are just beautiful! It looks like feedly will be my alternative for now too.

Sister said...

I hadn't heard about Reader - oops! And holy moly at your handwarmers - those are gorgeous. I also love that Skater Dress with the shrug - very cute. You've been busy. Oh, hey, since you're the queen knitter, my alpaca sweater ended up too big. Is it possible to sew larger seam allowances to get it to fit, and would you be safe cutting the excess off if you did it on the machine? I even thought about using my serger...

Amy Bailes said...

Sister - I don't see why you couldn't use the sewing machine to make deeper hems and then serge the seams. I see lots of RTW sweaters that are made that way! You've already tried it with shoulder seams - so go for it on the side seams!