Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm a Designer?


I published my first knitting pattern on Monday. It was a bit nerve-wracking. Writing up the pattern and learning how to insert pictures and saving into a PDF weren't terribly hard. It was putting it up on Ravelry that kept giving me fits. Totally user error because if there is only one thing (and there are a lot more than one) that is awesome about Ravelry it's how user-friendly the website is.

So, my pattern can be found on Ravelry as the Ascot Bow Scarf. I've offered it as a free Ravelry download and so far, I'm very pleased. 2 people have actually made projects from my project page and linked their scarfs to the pattern - which was VERY exciting to me. People like me, they really like me (ok, that ends my Sally Field impression). If you're already a knitter this is a perfect project for mindless knitting. If you just aspire to be a knitter, this is a great project for a beginner!

We had a lot of fun with this photo-shoot.
In other news, the only time my machine has been turned on is to put elastic in a too-big skirt for Rachael. Just not feeling the desire to sew just yet, but it's building - I can feel it.

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JuliN said...

Hi Amy, I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award. I hope you are well.