Friday, February 22, 2013

Heart Cables

I love to knit cables. I think they are so interesting, especially since they look so hard but are not hard at all to achieve. I signed up for a test knit (again) that had to be finished by the 10th. The designer was wanting to publish the design before Valentine's Day.

I had a little over a skein of Dream In Color Chunky in Pinky leftover from a sweater that I had knit two years ago and I thought this would be a perfect project to use up the leftovers. Right now, I'm all about using up those many skeins of leftovers that I seem to have. These test knits have been a great use for them.

I signed up to knit the adult reverse stockinette version. Hannah really does seem to like the hats that I've knit her. I had plenty leftover when I finished hers and thought I would make the child's version for Debra. With still more yarn leftover, I thought I would play around the cable and figure out how to make a headband/earwarmer for Rachael. It looks multiple starts but I think that I figured it out! And... I ended up with mere yards left of yarn. Win-win.

The pattern is the Millie Heart Cable Hat and uses 60 to 80 yards of chunky weight yarn. At a mere 5 hours to knit the adult version, it's a perfect Oh-No! I-Have-To-Have-A-Gift-For-Her knit. The topmost cable closes to resemble a heart. Really lovely. The instructions for the headband are on my Ravelry Millie Headband project page and it used about 35 yards.

I've started another project using yarn that was not a leftover but has been in stash for almost 4 years. Hopefully, I'll be able to find the 28 3/8" buttons needed! I'll show you sometime next week.

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Sister said...

That is such a cool picture, and your cables look beautiful!