Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013

So... today is the beginning of a NewYear. This a day that is traditionally used to make resolutions to that will help us better our lives. I do not make resolutions. I find myself forgetting about them within just a few days. Instead, I make a goal or two. Achievable goals. Ones that I can keep! Hopefully.

With that in mind:

As far as my knitting and sewing projects go, this will be the Year of Accessories. I'm going to be making any garments other than for my children. For myself it will be socks, a scarf or two, maybe some shawls. I do have in mind that I will be using mostly stash for these projects. I want a new home and constantly buying new yarn/fabric is not the way to save for such a thing.

I want to lose another 25 pounds. This would put me at 155#, which is still big for a woman that is a mere 5' 0" but a lot smaller than I currently am.

That's it. That's all I want to accomplish this year.

What about y'all? Any thing special?


Sister said...

Hmm, no major goals - just to try and keep exercising...and sewing...and knitting...

gMarie said...

Love your goals, they should be acheivable. My friend and I have committed to participating in a 10-k a month and signed up for January. I can do a 5k in my sleep, but need to train for a 10k. Which should help me not be 50# overweight on my 50th birthday!

I also need to sew more and when I am feeling the urge to buy fabric because I haven't been sewing - then I need to just go sew. I have plenty of fabric and don't need to buy more.

That's it - that's all. g