Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Knock-Off

Almost two weeks ago, a lady posted on the Anthropologie group, on Ravelry, about a scarf that she really liked and asked if anyone else had knit one up. She provided a link and man, did I fall hard! I thought it was a fabulous scarf. I'm not the only person that thought the same - within three days of my seeing the scarf for the first time, the cream colored had sold out. By this Monday, the navy had sold out. It's no longer available on the website at all, although you can still see pictures.

It has a very simple construction, made up of three simple pieces entirely knit in garter stitch. The scarf, the bow, and the bow knot. With some simple hand sewing and a snap closure this quick knit took me only three days (let me be honest though, I didn't have to watch my kids - they stayed outside the entire time).

I think that they look remarkably similar (other than the color). Anyway, you can see construction notes on my Ravelry project page (open to the public - so even if you aren't a member you can look).

The yarn I knit this with is Tahki Yarns Savoy, a wool/silk blend I bought nearly three years ago from the Knutty Knitters in Yazoo City, MS during their annual end of Feb. sale. This particular yarn has since been discontinued, but I would love to find some more. It's like a having a piece of a cloud around my neck.

I was flabbergasted when Hannah and Rachael requested their own scarf and even told me what color they wanted it in.

Tell me, what do y'all think?


gwensews said...

Love it! Please, make one for me, too. White.

Sewtellme said...

I saw this too and I actually planned to just knit an extremely long scarf and just tie it into a bow. Did you see the original in person? what did they do?

Amy Bailes said...

Gwen - Ha! My kids will be lucky to get one

Sewtellme - I didn't see one in person. I just went by the photos on the website. I do know that there is a permanent bow on one side and that the scarf snaps closed. Anthropologie has a photo showing so. I hope that helps! If not, pls let me know.

prttynpnk said...

That is officially too cute!

Sister said...

Beautiful! And you're fast, too!

Lisa H. said...

It is beautiful! Since you made in just 3 days,it should only take me 3 weeks. LOL