Monday, September 24, 2012

Moving Along...

I bought the lining and zipper this past Wednesday like I expected to get to do. I even cut the lining pieces out that afternoon. It wasn't until Saturday though, that I actually finished the skirt. I know that the skirt will wrinkle less and maybe feel better with the lining but I just didn't want to put it in. Friday night before bed I gave myself permission to do without the lining. For Pete's sake, I wear a slip anyway, whether the skirt is lined or not. BTW, that's my lopsided photo taking responsible for the slight lean towards the left.

Olive Green Twill from Sawyer Brooks Fabrics

I've lost a bit more weight and it must have been in my low-waist area. I ended up sewing the facing down and inserting elastic to snug the skirt up to my waist. Cheap and easy fix to a too big waistline.

Gathered waistline

And with the knit top that I made the week before*. Definitely needs something around the neckline. It's boring as is. But...

Gaining new respect for department store people that have to dress mannequins! What a job.

These two pieces are the beginning a  mini-wardrobe. I have two plaids picked out for button-up shirts and a marvelous tweed suiting that matches. All of these fabrics were bought several years ago from Sawyer Brooks Fabrics. Pretty much the only place I buy fabric from and that's because they send me swatches through the mail. Very tempting and I give in too much.

In other news...

We had a tree cut down Friday - before they got to work on the tree they needed to kill the wasps nests that were up in the eaves of the porch. Can you say "Scary"? The ground was red with dead wasps. I'm so glad that I didn't know how bad they were - I would have been too afraid to use the front door.


ElleC said...

Good for you about losing more weight, even if it doesn't show on the scale (like me right now). As for the department store stylists, don't forget they generally have instructions from head office how to put displays together, AND they have an entire store to pull accessories from. Unlike us.

Wow, that is one monster huge wasps nest!

gMarie said...

Why in the world would you wear a slip when the skirt is lined? The skirt looks nice. And you are right - it's hard to dress a manaquin.

Good job on the weight loss - I'm working on it too - slow and steady, right? g