Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lookee, Lookee!

So, this is a bamboo yarn that I picked up at Hobby Lobby, several weeks ago. It is soooo incredibly soft. But, I don't like the way it feels while I'm knitting it. When I was doing a lot of cross-stitching, I went through needles like crazy. My grandmother said that I had a lot of acidity in my skin and that caused the needles to tarnish really fast. It always made my hands feel like they were dirty, despite washing them frequently while sewing. The bamboo makes my hands feel the same way.

This is the first project that I made from this yarn. It is the Elvish Leaves Dishcloth by Kelley's Yarns . I'm very proud of my lace knitting project. It turned out so wonderful. This included a new technique for me, the Yarn Over. I found a picture here and a video here. Don't you just love the Internet?

I started my next project Friday evening. I'm making the Matinee Jacket from Easy Baby Knits by Claire Montgomerie. So far, I have most of the back done. Even though I'm following the measurements closely, it still looks big. But after all, this is for a baby and if the 0-3 month size doesn't fit when she's actually 0-3 months, I figure that she'll grow into it.


For those that are interested, I'm still on bed rest. Do you know what that means? My sewing mojo has hit me hard. I want to sit in front of my machine and get busy. It didn't help when I got the new swatches from SawyerBrook Fabrics and fell in love with every one of the fabrics. I foresee a large package being delivered to my house soon.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure my doctor is going to put me on meds for my blood pressure. Every time that I get up for more than 20 minutes my pressure shoots way up there. My poor husband has been chewed out by his mother and his sister for asking me to do things around the house. In all fairness to Cody though, I didn't tell him what high blood pressure could do to the baby or to me. I was trying not to worry him.

Y'all get busy sewing - I need something to keep me occupied.


BTW, I know that everybody out there follows Summerset's gorgeous works of art. I love the Bluebird of Happiness. Isn't it great?

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Summerset said...

Thanks for mentioning me!

The new dishcloth is really pretty - too pretty to use washing dishes.

Wow, this pg is really something then, if you can't be up for more than 20 mins. at a time. I do hope that you can get some relief safely through meds. I understand about not wanting to freak your husband out. My husband does not do well with medical issues, so I usually wait to tell him the facts once things are under control.