Saturday, February 13, 2016

Comfort Defined

I've been steadily working on several knitting and sewing projects.

I made a two knit dresses from fabric I had in stash. I had originally bought the fabrics for a skirt and matching tshirt but decided to try out a dress instead. One dress led to another and soon I'll have another two!

The pattern is McCalls 7122. A Learn-To-Sew pattern that is very simple. I chose the maxi length and 3/4-length sleeves. I then had to cut off 10" of the dress hem and 3" off the sleeves for the dress to be maxi length on me and the sleeves to be 3/4-length on my arms. Short people problems...

Of the two, this dark grey is my favorite. The other is a light heather grey. They are like wearing your nightgown out in public but still being decently covered. Comfort defined...

The other project I've been working on is Quick Sand cardigan by PipiBird on Ravelry. I actually decided to start reclaiming some of the yarn that I used on cardigans that I then never wore. I frogged a sweater knit back in 2012 and reused the yarn for this cardigan. 


The yarn is Lorna's Lace in Worsted (more of an Aran weight) in Valentine. I bought this a long time ago from EatSleepKnit  I am totally in love with this cardigan and have plans to reknit in a linen for the summer months - who am I kidding, linen is good for almost all year in Louisiana! I wish I could show y'all just how comfortable this is. If you knit, this is a quick knit (mine took 10 days) 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Challenge 1 & 2.... and a Little Knitting Too

Both of these personal challenges have been finished for a while, I'm just not great at actually blogging!  

The first blouse turned out exactly how I imagined. It's a fun little tunic length top that while being a bit more grown up than past clothes but is still appropriate for a 6 year old to wear. The pattern is from Ottobre Spring 1/2015 #28. The only modification I made was to add 2" to the sleeve length. As always with Ottobre, I'm very pleased with how well everything went together. 

Front view:

Back view, invisible zipper and darts at the shoulder:

Sigh... This next top did not turn out like either of us wanted. It's cute but well... These aren't particularly great colors on Debra and it doesn't fit very well. This is a dud. 

Finally, I test knit this cute little sweater for Andrea Little. She has some great patterns over on Ravelry, as well as a book with sweaters for men and boys. This was knit with yarn that I've had in stash since she was a baby (or while I was expecting her?). It's Mad Tosh DK in Tart. It's a beautiful color and the sweater looks great on Debra.

Ravelry project page

Out take from a photo shoot with Little Miss Personality: 

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Two Yard Challenge

2 yards? Oh, I can do a lot with two yards. Right? Well, yes, you can but my challenge is to get two dressy/casual blouses made for Debra. She's currently in a size 8 and needing a little more length than most patterns are calling for. Her belly shines quite a bit. 

Challenge 1: The above two fabrics. Green is her favorite color. 

Challenge 2: These two fabrics. They just scream fun!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm Running Over...

Since school has started, it feels as if all I've really done (sewing-wise) is make skirts. I feel that way because that IS all I've sewn. 

Anyway, Debra's constant request has been for a poodle skirt. She originally asked for it about the beginning of this year - I finally put off my procrastinating yesterday. It was cut out and sewn all in one day. It's projects like this one that make me want to kick myself for not getting them done earlier! 

Debra was determined to have her scooter, bicycle and sunglasses in these photos. She keeps me laughing. I'm so very blessed to have her. 

I shouldn't have taken so long to sew this skirt. The smile is priceless. Oh, the twirling that went on last night after I handed the finished skirt to her. 

See what I mean? She's hilarious!

The skirt is made out a mid weight denim with a purchased poodle appliqué. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's Okay

I'm still on the fence about this blouse that I sewed up right before I started working on Rachael's birthday dress. 

Hello goofy facial expression!

At least it's another 2 yards out of stash?

Vogue 1291(OOP), no modifications were made. The fabric is a weird, lace/mesh-like knit. I bought it years ago from Gorgeous Fabrics. 

If I do decide to make it again, it will be with a lighter weight fabric and with the longer length. I would like it to be blousier than this version. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Midwinter Cardigan - Sleeveless Version

This is a cardigan that I finished knitting several weeks ago. Knit with a bulky yarn and all in one piece it was a super fast knit. Well, it should have been but I wasn't paying attention while doing one cable & mis-crossed it. I saw my mistake when I had completely finished the body of the sweater but thankfully, before I grafted the collar together. 

I was able to successfully tink back & redo my cables all the way back up. 

I'm pretty proud of how my collar turned out after grafting the two sides together. 

The cardigan is supposed to have sleeves but in the climate that I live in, I knew that I would wear this much more often without the sleeves. 

My project notes are here

Saturday, August 29, 2015

She Turned 13 Yesterday

Rachael turned 13 yesterday. 

Sorry, the photo is blurry. I didn't realize until I uploaded them & I don't think Rachael is up to another photo shoot today. 

She had started planning her birthday dress 3 months ago. Once again using Dainty Jewell's as her inspiration website, she picked out a dress that was cream lace with strips of black lace across the bodice, sleeves & skirt. 

We weren't able to find a cream lace that we liked and a matching lining so we used a white lace & lining. The lace is a polyester chantilly lace bought off of Etsy and shipped from China. 

I finally started sewing  the lace onto the white lace this past Saturday. Remember - I'm a charter member of Procrastinator's Anonymous? Anyway, the dress itself was easy enough to sew,  very basic and I finished the dress Thursday evening. Beautiful fabric can turn an average dress pattern into a jewel. 

She wore it last night to a Youth Rally at a neighboring church. Hard to believe my little bitty baby has grown so very much, I'm so thankful she's my child!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

One Mile of Yarn + Some Extra

I didn't think the knitting would ever end. Totally worth every single minute.

My projects notes are open to the public. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Simplicity 1585 - Ready for Church

Hair curled, dress & accessories on.  Ready to head out for a night of Worship.